CBSE 12th Exam Tips & Strategy to Score Highest Marks in CBSE Board Exam

Are you students of CBSE Board, Do you wants to score above 90% marks in the CBSE 12th exams? Every single person who is reading this would say, yes. The whole twelve years of school life is concluded by the 12th Board Exams Results, no one remember that you got first in class in the 8th standard. All that matters is the CBSE 12th Board Result. You must have heard and learnt from your teachers that key of success is hard work and fellas fortunately it’s true.

Only hard work can give you 90% marks in the CBSE Board Exam. The hard work is important but it had to be done with smartness. So my lovely fellas you do the hard work and we will help you with the smart planning of hard work. As we all know that, CBSE 12th Result 2017 is very important while we are applied for further admission process.

  1. Self evaluation: The students should relax their mind and think for a minute what are your weaknesses and strong points. The students themselves can only evaluate their performance. After finding out the weaknesses tries to improve them only up to one extent as no one is perfect. Don’t waste times on something which you can’t understand instead of that improve your strong point. Make yourself unbeatable in your strengthen points rather than learning something new during exam time.
  2. Read only prescribed books: The students should read the books mentioned in their syllabus for better CBSE Results 2017. Few students have myth that board paper can come from anywhere which is not as the exam paper is strictly designed according to the syllabus given to students. Its good read supplementary books to gain knowledge but for the exam time stick to your course books only.
  3. Solve previous year’s exam papers: The exam pattern of the CBSE Board papers are usually same for all the years and by solving past years question paper you will get the idea about the exam pattern. The solving exam papers help students to evaluate their performance and they can access the time management in the CBSE 12th exam.
  4. Stay healthy: The health is wealth. The students should take care of their personal health to score good marks in the CBSE 12th Exam. Don’t neglect your health in the exams stress as it might cause you loss of your marks. Take good night sleep for 8 hours and eat appropriately. Stay away from any kind of mental stress and use different methods to reduce stress like yoga and walk.
  5. Time management: The time is a king and no one can beat it. The students need to manage the exam schedule before studying. The students should manage the time in such manner that all the subjects got equal time to study as over all percentage depends upon the all subjects.
  6. Few points that students should follow: Today’s modern world few points that students should follow to get success in the CBSE 12th Board Examination are.
  • The students should take an oath to avoid their Facebook account for at least three months to get success.
  • Avoid your smart phone like a plague and bury it for the exam time.
  • Try to leave social gatherings and make a distance from your friends for the time being of exam.
  • The avoid watching TV in your free time and take long walk in the park to relax your mind.

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