How to study for 12th Boards?

12th board exams are a deciding factor in a student’s future career and they can be stressful. To lower down the stress, students must prepare themselves in a better way. It usually is upon the students how they smartly and effectively do they prepare for the board exams. Here are a few tips that should be kept in mind while preparing for the 12th board exams:Time Management

When you prepare for your boards, time management is one of the most essential things to be kept in mind. Put everything in sequence and in a proper way or set a time- table such that you can equally distribute your time for all subjects. This way students can avoid the stress and fear during the preparation of exams. To complete your studies within time, set a deadline for each subject.


Make Notes

Better make notes in order to avoid confusion and understand major topics properly. It helps you to focus on difficult points/topics. Note down important formulas and definitions which will help you during revision.

Subject Wise Tips

When preparing for Physics subject, prepare for the fundamental and concepts of the subject, practice well on theorem based questions and direct formula and solve last year’s question papers to keep you well practiced. For Chemistry, prepare for questions based on organic and inorganic chemistry and carefully study the reaction names along with examples. Coming to the subject of Maths, try and solve questions using short cut methods to increase your speed, keep the basic fundamentals and concepts of the subject clear and practice calculations which are quite lengthy.When preparing for Biology, practice diagrams along with their theory well.


Revision is very important along with completing your studies on time. Instead of waiting till the end to start your revision, it is advisable that you revise the completed topics during the weekends. Try and complete your preparation well before the final exams so that you get a good amount of time to revise again.

Make Realistic Targets

Students must make realistic targets for themselves and try not to overdo things at the last moment. To avoid getting hyper, try to divide the course according to your capacity to learn. Students must not panic and need to learn basic understanding of the concepts. Also do not try to learn new topics at the last moment but just revise what you have learnt. For sure, success will be yours.


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