Android Applications making life easy for people

Google, the company that almost rules the internet and the navigation of the people from one page to another on computers and laptops is all set to take on the phone market as well. Android, a product of Google- is an operating system (OS) that is run on smart phones across the globe. The OS not only makes life convenient for the people by bringing the world on their fingertips, but also opens up avenues for the people to enjoy themselves with their phone and gain a better experience out of it. There are several top selling android applications that are present on almost every phone and have taken the world by storm.

There are applications of many kinds, phone security, games, lifestyle and much more. While many of them are available for free, the other demands a price to be paid for them. But it is all worth it. It enhances the user experience of the phone leaving the user happy. Some of the popular applications on the Google Play Store are- WhatsApp, AppLock, Clean master etc. All of these are apps that are used to better the connectivity to the world and also to maintain the phone better. There are many popular games that are available too- Angry birds, Fruit ninja and temple run are very popular among users today. There are applications that even monitor the calories consumed and burned in a day for the users. Not just that, women can use apps to even monitor their menstrual cycles and iPhone 7 is coming with iOS 10 and it will beat all android versions.

While all the apps that are mentioned above are free of cost on the Google Play store, that was once called the android market. Applications like the Titanium Backup PRO key are so efficient in ensuring the smooth functioning of the phone that people as much as $6 to purchase them. Aside of that, the Swift Keyboard, Temple Run OZ are present in the list of thetop selling android applications. It cannot be denied that all these applications have made life a lot more convenient for people, and have deserved the recognition that it has gained.

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